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Architainment paints London blue for future king's birth

Architainment Lighting was called in at the last minute to re-programme the lighting at some of London’s most famous landmarks to reflect the birth of the royal baby.  

While the world was awaiting news of the birth of the future king of England, Architainment’s technical services team were busy, dashing all over London reprogramming the lighting control systems at The Golden Jubilee Footbridge, Waterloo Bridge and Marble Arch, with both pink and blue options to allow for either a boy or a girl.  


The Golden Jubilee Footbridge and Waterloo Bridge are permanently lit with Philips Color Kinetics colour changing fixtures, supplied by Architainment in 2012, to celebrate the London Olympics. They are controlled by Pharos lighting playback controllers. Architainment said that with a little reprogramming, the lighting can be transformed to illustrate a wide spectrum of colours specific to the occasion. The London Eye and County Hall waterfront was also originally lit by Architainment with Philips Color Kinetics fixtures and controlled by Pharos controllers, but were not, on this occasion, re-programmed by Architainment.

“It’s just another ‘day in the office’ for Architainment’s technicians”,  the company said in a statement following the birth of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s son, who is third in line to the royal throne.  

Nic Tolkien, managing director at Architainment Lighting said: “Our association with a project doesn’t end when it’s handed over to the client. We’re finding that more and more clients that choose a controllable dynamic solution from Architainment also retain our services to re-programme that system for that special occasion, whether it is Christmas, Valentine’s Day or, in this case, the birth of the future King.” 

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