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Light Collective hits iLight Marina Bay 2012

Light Collective has just finished participating in another light festival and it couldn’t have been more different to Gent!

There was no constant rain or the need for thermal underwear this time around with temperatures hitting 32 degrees.

As we mentioned in our previous blog, we were chosen to participate in the iLight Marina Bay Festival, a sustainable light festival that began its life in Sydney.

Founded by Mary-Anne Kyriakou, the festival included all sorts of imaginative additions: pet walks; city camping for dads; light kites; workshops; and light painting competitions.

Our tiny low-tech piece looked like it was in the wrong place compared to the large-scale building projections on display but we were glad there was space in the festival for our humble offering nonetheless.

Consisting of a series of metal mirrors, with stencils attached (artwork by LC and the students of SOTA), passers-by could use an LED torch to create reflected light graffiti in an underground car park.

Light Collective

Unsurprisingly, the chance to create graffiti in a country where it’s banned, and the opportunity to participate and play with light, was a hit with everyone from tiny kids to adults. We spent several evenings watching people figure out how it works, play with the reflections and get creative in ways we hadn’t considered.


The installation was supported by the Almeco Group who provided the reflector material for the mirrors. The theme of the festival was ‘East Meets West’ and the students of SOTA produced a series of artwork, depicting the West as burgers, money and tanks…

Our top pick of the other installations included the following. Light of the Merlion by Portuguese artists Ocubo, an interactive interface for changing designs on the iconic symbol of Singapore.


We also loved the quiet and unassuming Classification Pending by Craig Walsh of Australia, a projection of sea monsters in the water. It was so subtle that it could be missed by those not prepared to explore, but that was sort of the point!


Other highlights included the igloo made of jerry cans by Bibi of France; the dancing stick men by Group LAPS; the electroluminescent string installation blowing in the breeze by Cornelia Erdmann; the self-illuminating Light Dam by upcoming Taiwan talent Uno Lai; and the ultra clever POV installation by Teddy Lo of Hong Kong. We could go on…



Like winning an Oscar, we have a big list of people to thank, including the amazing students of SOTA (Valarie Yap, Tan Pei Xuan, Luther Tan, Tan Kin Meng, Matthew Foo, Quesheth Phee, Sarah Dart, Koo Na Won, Monica Candra, Jesmine Aw, Koh Jie Lyn, Yap Soke Kee, Joell Tee, Ethan Sim, Chloe Nicole Leong, Megan Toh, Sathya Barthi Kandier and Annabelle Ong) and their teacher Siwei Fang for helping us with the artwork.

And finally, thanks to Mary-Anne for the great opportunity to join in. Now it’s back to London for a much desired plain cheese sandwich.

More details of iLight can be found on the official website.

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