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New chapter for Light Collective at Light + Building

I recently asked a member of my family if they had ever read the Light Collective blog. They replied that they had but all it said was where we travelled and what we ate, and was therefore rather dull.

This came as a bit of a shock to us! We had been happily blogging away and thought we were sharing our more unusual experiences with our readers but upon reflection it was actually spot on. It does read a bit like a holiday diary!

We have therefore decided to shake things up a bit and even get more serious on occasion.

Although we can only be so opinionated (the editor having refused one of our more outspoken posts for legal reasons) we are going to get back to the thing that is at the heart of everything we share: Light.

And what better place to start than at the greatest show on earth: Light + Building.

We were pretty thorough at this year’s show and though suffering ‘white out’ from the relentless march of white stands and the brightness of thousands of LED products, there were a few stand out items for us.

Light Collective

Stands, stands and more stands

Top marks go to iGuzzini’s beautiful stand – Sistine Chapel meets video floor! Inspired, but apparently hard on a hangover. Some great new products from these guys also.

Light Collective 2

The beautiful video floor at the iGuzzini stand

Other shoutouts go to Modular for a meticulously themed stand - all things circus; XAL for a stand that best resembled a nightclub (complete with two way glass VIP room) and some unusual products incorporating acoustic materials; Meyer for continuously producing newer/smaller/LED versions of designer classics; and Kreon’s innovate ceiling products using Bartenbach lenses.

Zumtobel get credit for its video panels and linear LED products (and the best prosecco cocktail).

Light Collective 3

No expense spared at the Zumtobel stand

We also liked Philips catenary system (shown previously) but now available and in working order, as well as all the sexy interior stuff in Hall 1.

We could go on but we trust Lighting to bring you a comprehensive review of everything new and wonderful in its June issue.

It’s worthy of comment that everything we noted were LED products, and as we flew in over London, the brightness of the Sanyo sign at Piccadilly Circus (during the day!) made us think just how far this small but powerful source has come.

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