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Iain Ruxton

Iain Ruxton

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  • Comment on: More information please

    Iain Ruxton's comment 17 May 2012 1:40 pm

    Absof***kinglutley this. It amazes me how badly many lighting manufacturers promote their products. Glossy ads and shiny exhibition stands are one thing, but proper technical info that is easy to find and consistently presented makes the difference. Specifications are lost because of a bad website or a bad sales rep... Oooh. I feel a blog coming on.

  • Comment on: Easily MisLED

    Iain Ruxton's comment 21 June 2011 8:48 am

    Mary - at least "send it back for replacement" suggests that replacing it it possible... there's still plenty of "throw the whole thing out - it'll have lasted for years anyway" thinking out there, which is, to be honest, ridiculous in this day and age...

  • Comment on: Easily MisLED

    Iain Ruxton's comment 1 June 2011 11:01 am

    Thanks for your comment. This is, of course, a degree of devil's advocacy in these blogs... and a certain amount of generalisation. Yes, of course it's what you do with the components that counts. Yes, the thermal design is the obvious big engineering challenge, as early adopters found out to their cost a few years ago... but I think it's fair to claim that the quality players in the market have got this cracked and are doing it properly. Good thermal design no longer makes a product or a manufacturer unique, although bad thermal design definitely marks out rubbish. The poor-quality kit will eventually be replaced as you suggest, although I predict interesting legal squabbles concerning liability... (and there's always been poor quality rubbish out there in lighting, whatever the light source inside!) My point was that once you ignore the rubbish, most of what’s left is very similar from manufacturer to manufacturer. Anyone who is genuinely creating unique lighting tools has a great opportunity to make a mark right now... don't bide your time... get the word out! Meanwhile, I stand by my proposal that very few manufacturers are actually doing anything genuinely unique. If anyone who believes they are would like to come and show me their product - I'm always open to looking at lighting kit!

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