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Lighting to thrill

London based creative lighting and design company Renegade was commissioned with the task of lighting both the interior and exterior of London’s Tate Modern for the aftershow party of the new James Bond movie, Skyfall.

The Turbine Hall of the venue was dramatically illustrated with scenic projections that transported party-goers back to the Shanghai setting for the film and away from the banks of the Thames.

Event producers AD Events briefed Renegade to make the after show as dazzling and memorable as the premier screening at the Royal Albert Hall.

Nick Gray from Renegade said, “The Turbine Hall is an amazing environment to work in and already highly atmospheric, so the real challenge was to add requisite 007 qualities like mystery, action and intrigue to the setting, and to further wow those who had already been blown away by experiencing the movie…”

It was important to keep the hall as clean and clear of visible rigging and technical infrastructure as possible. Scaffolding structures were built around the pillars to avoid running overhead trussing around the room.

Video and effects were played out on a series of staggered floor-standing LED screens at the end of the hall, which was further enhanced by props from the film, including an eight-metre-high Chinese dragon and an Aston Martin DB5.

The interior lighting was programmed and run by Rob Gawler using a Hog 3 console, with the exterior run by Matt Waterfield on a Chamsys console.

The majority of the lighting equipment came from Neg Earth, a regular Renegade supplier, with specific specialist elements and the Chamsys console supplied by Renegade.

The projections were designed by Richard Bagshaw of Digital Insanity, with equipment supplied by CT London and Dobson Sound, the audio contractor.

Nick Gray said of the installation: “You really had to think carefully about using lights appropriately and simultaneously maintain the raw, industrial beauty of the venue.”

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