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Council to turn street lights back on after road collision

Street light

Source: Stuart Herbert

Local authorities have recently caused controversy for implementing streetlight switch-off schemes.

Northamptonshire County Council will switch a set of streetlights back on after a child was injured in a road traffic collision late last year.

The set of streetlights on Oakley Road, Corby, were originally turned off because the road has a 40mph limit and the council stated that this meant it required fewer street lights to be left on.

The nine-year-old was taken to hospital after the collision with the car at a pedestrian crossing and received treatment for minor injuries.

A spokesman for the council said: “Following feedback, and assessing this against the particular layout of the area, it has been decided that switching on three of the lights would be beneficial for safety reasons.”

The news comes after a number of accidents occured in areas where local authorities have implemented these streetlight switch-off schemes.

In December a soldier was killed on a stretch of road in Somerset where street lights had been turned off.

In July 2009, Buckinghamshire council were urged to reconsider their policy during an inquest into the death of an OAP.

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