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LIF and LA consult members on merger

The Lighting Industry Federation (LIF) and the Lighting Association (LA) have announced that they are consulting with their members about closer co-operation, up to and including the prospect of merging operations and assets.

Eddie Taylor

Eddie Taylor, chief executive of the Lighting Industry Federation

A joint statement released by the two organisations said: “The lighting market is in a period of dynamic change, which presents challenges and opportunities to the industry. This change is being driven partly by new technology such as LEDs, and in the future OLEDs, partly through the drive for energy efficiency, for example the growing influence of lighting controls and partly through developments such as wider use of the internet.

“The Councils of the two associations believe that these changes will be more effectively managed by the industry through one Association speaking with one voice. The objective is to increase the benefits and services to the members of both current associations and, in the process, to the lighting market as a whole.

“The operations of LIF and LA are largely complementary, with limited duplication and very little overlap in membership. In fact in recent years the two associations have increasingly co-operated on areas of common interest such as legislation and standardisation.”

The statement said the consultation process is expected to take several months to ensure that the members’ views of both organisations are taken into consideration.

Peter Hunt, chief executive of the Lighting Association said, “We have not made a decision to merge, merely to consult with our members on this possibility. Both Councils agreed that the potential benefits are one voice to UK government and to Brussels, a potential reduction in duplicated efforts and importantly a broader and improved range of services to members.”

Eddie Taylor, chief executive of the Lighting Industry Federation said, “Our consultation at this stage is with our Members. As part of that we will  be talking to the Lighting Association about possible options for the structure of any new associations, in order that we can share those with members.”

This article was amended on 20 May at 11:24 to incorporate comments from Peter Hunt and Eddie Taylor.

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