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PLASA and ESTA vote to merge

Two lead organisations for the entertainment and installation industries are merging to form the first truly international industry-wide membership body.

PLASA, the main body for the global entertainment and communication industries, and ESTA, the principal trade association for the entertainment services and technology industries in North America, have merged their two organisations after backing from 90 per cent of members from each association.

Matthew Griffiths and Lori Rubinstein

PLASA CEO Matthew Griffiths and ESTA exective director Lori Rubinstein [photo Chris Toulmin]

An overarching governing body will be established to look after the interests of the membership worldwide and to work closely with regional boards for North America and Europe.

In a joint statement, PLASA CEO Matthew Griffiths and ESTA executive director Lori Rubinstein said: "We believe the logic driving the merger is totally sound: the strengths of both organisations are evident and we have an unequalled opportunity to increase the value we provide to Members through services, networking and improved business opportunities. A united approach to the issues and challenges of our industry will provide major long-term benefits and greatly broaden the role of the PLASA."

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