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No emissions

Energy efficiency within the lighting industry has become a topic of much discussion. So how do you put the low-energy message across in a new and interesting way?

Megaman thinks it has found the answer in the form of this viral advert to promote its low-energy, ‘no nasty emissions’ lamps. The advert depends on that time-honoured staple of British humour - the fart gag. A crude angle to take, maybe, but you can rely on the Brits to always find flatulence funny.

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  • Totally bizarre - and funny!

    Do they, or the viewers, really believe that these light create no emissions? Do they generate their own electricity using wind power? Where does the electricity come from to run them? "no nasty emissions" cannot bet true and they could be hauled over hot (and emission prone) coals for misleading advertising.

    Unsuitable or offensive?

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