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PUMA headquarters illuminated by "light in a shoebox"

Vossloh-Schwabe and Semperlux combined forces to develop an innovative lighting scheme for the new PUMA company headquarters in Herzogenaurach, southern Germany.

Exterior lights at the new headquarters attract the attention of the arriving guests from afar. The “light in a shoebox” displays itself from its most elegant side and, besides being attractive, is energy-saving. The exterior light’s shape, developed by Se’lux, corresponds to that of the red PUMA Factory Outlet Store. Single and double versions of these lights have been installed on the approach road and on the complex car park.

Red and white LED light lines made by Vossloh-Schwabe have also been recessed into the ground for effect lighting of the inner courtyard. These cast decorative coloured dashes onto the ground, allowing a digital stream of light to flow across the square. Light stacks with quadratic aluminium profiles have been erected to supplement the clear, right-angled shapes that dominate the entire building complex.The LED modules used by Vossloh-Schwabe have been recessed in aluminium profiles with the tried-and-tested IP67 casting for use in exterior areas.

For the interior, Se’lux has developed innovative lighting solutions for the various lighting requirements, making use of spotlights, floodlights and circuit tracks as well as recessed luminaries, free-standing luminaires and downlights, all based on premium-quality components made by Vossloh-Schwabe.

The i-trac-Parabol floodlight with a tiltable light housing enables the creation of uniform light curtains and ensures optimal general lighting for the office. The i-trac Spot enables lighting accents to be set in the interior architecture. The integrated DALI control unit allows both light elements – spotlights and floodlights – to be individually and dynamically coordinated.

Indirect cove lighting was also used to emphasise the height of rooms. and

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